Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nickelback-Here & Now

I recently got the new Nickelback CD: Here And Now. The first song is This Means War. The song is about not getting into things that you can't get out of, for example, war or a fight. Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk. This is also a very good headbanging song. The second song is Bottoms Up. This song is all about drinking. This is, I believe, the second single off the album. If I was of age, I would drink to this song. The third song is When we Stand Together. This song is all about no matter what we all must stand together. A line from the song states, "There's bullets flying through the air And they still carry on" showing that even though there is war, some people just ignore it and keep living their lives. I think that we should stand together to end war. This is the first single off the album. The fourth Song is Midnight Queen. The song starts off talking about how if anyone gets on his bad side there will be a bar fight, but it then goes on talking about how he wishes the waitress will have sex with him. This is another headbanger song. The fifth song is Gotta get Me Some. Another good headbanger song. This song is a little about drinking and a little about sex. It's all about how he wants to get some. lol. The sixth song is Lullaby. This song is about helping those who want to end their life to stay around longer. I can see this as a single. I love this song, my second favorite off this album. The seventh song is Kiss It Goodbye. This song is about how the places everyone wants to go isn't as wonderful as movies and tv shows make it. Also being famous isn't all what it seems to be. Having those dreams are good the self-esteem but in reality it is a lot harder to accomplish than what everyone thinks. This song can also be a single. The eighth song is Trying Not To Love You. This is my favorite song off the album. It's all about trying to forget someone that you love. In the song they say that trying to forget someone you love makes you love them more and it's hard to forget that love. The ninth song is Holding On To Heaven. To me I think this song is about breaking up and you still love that person. This is another one of those can be a single song. I love the beat in this song. The tenth song is Everything I Wanna Do. This song is clearly about sex. Good beat. If you listen to it without listening to the words you can't tell it's about sex, in my opinion. The last song is Don't Ever Let It End. This song is about a relationship that they don't want it to end ever. It has a good beat and can possibly be a single. If you love Nickelback as much as I do then check out their newest album: HERE AND NOW! 

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